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New Year's Resolutions for Dancers

Set Goals to Step Up Your Dancing


Many people set goals to work toward in the coming year. If you are a dancer, perhaps you can think of a few ways to improve your dancing. Here is a list of new year's resolutions for dancers...write down a few and get dancing. Good luck!

Limber Up

A dancer can't be too flexible. All styles of dance require excellent flexibility to perform steps and jumps correctly. If your flexibility could use some improvement, make it a habit to stretch each night before bed and each morning before breakfast. You'll be amazed at how quickly you become more limber. And you'll love what it does for your dancing.

Get Stronger

Dancers need to be strong. Strength allows a dancer to move quickly and protects against injury. Try adding a few strength-building exercises to your daily routine. Incorporate a variety of exercises to strengthen the entire body, such as push-ups for the arms and chest and crunches for the core.

Try a New Style

All dancers can benefit from trying out a new dance style. Trying a different type of dance not only challenges the body, but also the mind. Check out a tap or clogging class, or take a swing at ballroom dancing. You may just discover a hidden talent!

Challenge Yourself

Don't be afraid to give yourself a challenge this year. Maybe you've never had the confidence to enter a dance competition or perform a solo routine. Maybe you'd like to try a triple pirouette instead of settling for a double. You'll never know what all you can achieve if you don't try. Make a list of 12 challenges and add one to each month of your calendar. Go for it!

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