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Readers Respond: Tips for Splits Training - Tips for Doing Splits ...
Do you have any suggestions or special exercises for doing the splits? Are there any special stretches that have helped you gain the flexibility needed for splits?
Tips for Proper Stretching - Running and Jogging - About.com
Stretching is the one of the most important things runners can to prevent injuries. Follow these tips to make sure you're doing it correctly.
Ear Stretching and Gauged Piercings - Jewelry - About.com
Learn how stretch your earlobe piercings, a process commonly called gauging. Stretching makes the holes large enough to wear plugs and other thick body jewelry. ... Tips for Cleaning Pearl Jewelry · Best Body Jewelry for New Piercings.
Stretching and Flexibility for Athletes - Sports Medicine - About.com
Do you know the difference between stretching and flexibility? ... Understand the Different Types of Stretching · What Is Flexibility? Definition, Examples and Tips.
Tips for Stretching Your Makeup's Life - About.com
Your makeup can last longer than you realize. Here are some great thrifty makeup tips to help you stretch the life of your makeup.
Learn How to Do a Split: Get Started With Stretches - Gymnastics
Be sure to do each stretch on both sides – you'll want a good split on both your right leg and your left leg in order to be a great gymnast. A Warning: These tips ...
Stretching - Stretches for Runners - Running and Jogging - About.com
Stretching is the one of the most important things runners can do to protect their bodies from injury. Get information on how to stretch different body parts and tips  ...
Tips to Stretch Your Casino Budget - Casino Gambling - About.com
Here are a few tips to maximize your casino dollars. Set a Budget The most important thing to do is to set a budget and stick to it. Before you leave for the casino ...
Stretching 101: Benefits and Proper Techniques - Physical Therapy
It is essential to practice proper stretching techniques. Doing so will allow you to avoid any unnecessary injury. Tips to proper stretching technique include the ...
How to Run Beginners Guide - Running and Jogging - About.com
Jun 9, 2014 ... Stretching: Stretching after a brief warm-up and after your runs can help ... Video: Stretches for Runners · Tips for Stretching · Should I Stretch ...
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