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Swing Dance - Style, Dances and Music of Swing - About Dance
Swing dance is a lively style of social dancing in which a dancer often lifts, spins and flips his or her partner. Considered both hip and cool, swing dancing is a ...
Dance Types - Styles of Dancing - About Dance
Swing dancing is a general term that means dancing to swing music, or music that "swings." How can you tell if a song swings? Swing dancers know when a ...
Twelve Types of Ballroom Dances - About Dance
Jive is a ballroom dance style that originated in the United States from African- Americans. It is a lively form of Swing dance, and a variation of the Jitterbug.
Video of the Swing Dance - An Ice Dance - Figure Skating - About.com
The Swing Dance is one of the first ice dances where figure skaters learn to skate together in waltz position. This is a video showing Melissa Bowman competing ...
Description of Jazz Style Swing - About.com
The Great Depression caused Americans to suffer, and dancing to swing music was a way for people to forget their worries. During the 1930s, swing came to ...
Calories Burned General - Greek, Middle Eastern, Hula, Flamenco ...
Greek, Middle Eastern, Hula, Flamenco, Belly, and Swing Dancing 306 calories per hour. Assuming a body weight of: 150 lbs. This is equivalent to eating any of ...
Ten Important Swing-Era Jazz Musicians - About.com
A list of ten musicians from the swing era, the days of jazz when dance halls were packed to hear and dance to the best big bands from around the country.
Ballroom Dancing Basics: Jive/Swing Video
Jive/ Swing is one of many ballroom dances that you can easily master with a bit of practice. Get on your dancing shoes and get ready to perfect these basic ...
Swing Waltz - A Fun Figure Skating Social Ice Dance
One of the dances done by social ice dancers is the Swing Waltz. The steps to the Swing Waltz are very similar to the Fourteen Step, and partners skate in the ...
Swing Roll - Ice Dance Move Swing Roll - Figure Skating - About.com
A swing roll is an ice dance move that looks much like an edge, but the free leg is extended, and at the midpoint of the curve, the free leg swings through.
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