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Top 4 Health Benefits of Dance - About.com
Flexibility is an important part of being healthy. Dance requires a great amount of flexibility. Most dance classes begin with a warm-up including several ...
Dance - Health - Health Benefits of Dance - Dance Injuries
Learn about how dancing can affect your health, including positive health benefits and possible dance injuries. Also find out about the nutritional needs of a  ...
Healthy Diet for Dancers - Foods Dancers Shouldn't Eat - About.com
Every dancer should follow a healthy diet. The body performs at its best when filled with the the proper foods. Dancing requires lots of energy, so dancers must  ...
Healthy Snack Foods for Dancers - About.com
Do you consume healthy snacks before each dance class? Dancers must follow a healthy diet because dancing uses a lot of energy and burns lots of calories.
Bored With Your Treadmill? Try Dancing for Health - Senior Living
Learn the benefits of dancing for health, including heart health and quality of life. Dancing offers more health benefits than other forms of exercise.
Dance Your Way To Health - Senior Health - About.com
Article about the physical and mental health benefits of square dancing for fitness .
The Top Four Benefits of Belly Dancing - Dance - About.com
Besides being fun, belly dancing has several health benefits. Belly dancing was one of the first forms of exercise. Many people believe that belly dancing tones ...
Twelve Reasons to Dance With Your Spouse - Marriage - About.com
A Dozen Reasons to Dance With Your Spouse -- Connect Through Dance. Dancing promotes healthy living and romance. It doesn't make any difference what ...
Dance Performance Tips - Diet Mistakes - Nutritional Pitfalls
Seven nutritional pitfalls to avoid during dance competition / performance season . ... Instead, concentrate on eating a healthy dancer's diet. Source: Sterne ...
Can Dancing Cause Weight Loss? - Dance and Your Health
Dancing is a fantastic form of exercise. It can burn as many calories as walking, swimming or riding a bicycle, while working the major muscle groups.
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