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Top 10 Movies for Dance Lovers
In the mood for a great dance movie? Film lovers have long embraced classic dance films and musicals. Who could forget the amazing dance chemistry created ...
Best Jazz Dance Movies - About.com
Jazz dancing became a craze during the 1980s. These dance movies gave jazz dancing a tremendous boost in popularity.
Save the Last Dance Review - About.com
The two discover they have something special in common, a love of dance. ... A thoughtful movie with a few entertaining dance scenes. Makes the dream of ...
Top 10 Latin Dance Scenes in Movies - Latin Music - About.com
If you're in the mood to move your hips to salsa or samba, or just want an evening's entertainment watching talented dancers boogey to hot horns, here's a list of ...
Review of Movie Dance With Me - About.com
Vanessa Williams is believable and a pleasure to watch in this 1998 ballroom dance flick. The movie is loaded with fiery dance sequences, including many ...
Dance Movies - Dance Movies Gifts - About.com
Dance movies are fun to watch and can be a source of inspiration for dancers. The following dance movies would make excellent additions to a dancer's DVD ...
Famous Dancers - Popular People in Dance
Many exceptional dancers have graced dance floors with their talents. Movies and clips of these dancers show us the extent of their love of and devotion to their  ...
Movie Review of Strictly Ballroom - Dance - About.com
Strictly Ballroom is a great movie set in the competitive world of ballroom dancing . While the dancing sequences in the film are excellent and entertaining, the ...
Center Stage - Center Stage Movie Review - Dance - About.com
Center Stage is an informative and entertaining peek into the competitive sport of ballet dancing. The dramatic movie gives us a glimpse of just how much work it ...
Readers Respond: What is your favorite dance movie? - About.com
Dance movies are great because you can watch them over and over again...the dancing just never gets boring! (Admit it, haven't you caught yourself actually ...
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