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Top 10 Movies for Dance Lovers - About.com
Dance sequences in film have come a long way. The following movies each feature entertaining dance sequences, some of them making up for less than ...
Jazz Dance Movies of the 80's - About.com
Jazz dancing became a craze during the 1980s. These dance movies gave jazz dancing a tremendous boost in popularity.
John Travolta Profile - Dance - About.com
John went on to star in several hit movies, including "Get Shorty," Ladder 49" and "Wild Hogs. ... John Travolta will always be remembered for his ability to dance.
Top 10 Latin Dance Scenes in Movies - Latin Music - About.com
Top ten movies with great Latin dance scenes. ... they will prove to be an inspiration flaming those dormant dance dreams, or just a pleasant night at the movies.
Famous Dancers - Popular People in Dance - About.com
Many exceptional dancers have graced dance floors with their talents. Movies and clips of these dancers show us the extent of their love of and devotion to their  ...
Neve Campbell Interview - the Company Movie - Hollywood Movies
Neve Campbell talks The Company, directed by Robert Altman. Campbell discusses her desire to bring a movie about dance to the screen, her ballet ...
Readers Respond: What is your favorite dance movie? - About.com
Dance movies are great because you can watch them over and over again...the dancing just never gets boring! (Admit it, haven't you caught yourself actually ...
Shall We Dance Movie Review - Hollywood Movies - About.com
Review of Shall We Dance?, the dance movie starring Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon, Jennifer Lopez, Bobby Cannavale, and Stanley Tucci.
Channing Tatum - Movies, Photos, Interviews, Videos, and News
Transitioning to feature films, Channing Tatum has starred in romantic comedies, teen-oriented films, a dance movie, action films, and dramatic movies.
Review of Movie Dance With Me - About.com
With the many ballroom dance movies we have to choose from, "Dance With Me" is one of the best. The movie stars Vanessa Williams...and she can dance.
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