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Common Dance Injuries and Their Causes - About Dance
Participation in physical activity comes with a risk of injury, dance being no exception. New dancers must build their strength and flexibility slowly and safely.
Dance Injuries - Worst Dance Injuries - About Dance
Ouch! Most dancers have suffered an injury...one minute you're dancing, the next minute you're on the floor. What's the worst dance injury you've ever had?
Dance Injuries - Treatment for Dance Injuries - About Dance
If you injure yourself while dancing, you should be aware of the proper and immediate treatment. Some injuries only require self-treatment, but more severe ...
Dance Injuries - Ballet Ankle Sprain - About Dance
Ankle injuries are one of the most common injuries suffered by ballet dancers. With all the footwork and leaping that ballet involves, it's easy to see why the ...
Shin Splints - Dance Injuries - Shin Pain - About Dance
Shin splints is a common dance injury that affects dancers as well as other athletes. Shin splints, or medial tibial stress syndrome, involves pain along the middle ...
Dance - Health - Health Benefits of Dance - Dance Injuries
Learn about how dancing can affect your health, including positive health benefits and possible dance injuries. Also find out about the nutritional needs of a  ...
Diet for Dance Injuries - Foods That Speed Healing - About Dance
An injury can be devastating for a dancer, physically as well as mentally. Major fractures, stress fractures, strains, or sprains can take up to six weeks to heal.
Foot Injuries - Causes of Pain in Your Feet - Dancer Foot Problems
Ankle sprains and strains are among the most common types of foot injuries of dancers. Sprains of the ankle occur when the ankle is accidentally turned or rolled ...
R.I.C.E. Is Common Treatment Prescribed for Acute Injury
Jun 27, 2014 ... Ice: Put an ice pack on the injured area for 20 minutes at a time, 4 to 8 times per day. Use a cold pack, ice bag, or a plastic bag filled with ...
Knee Injuries of Dancers - Knee Pain - Treatment and Prevention
Learn treatment options and prevention strategies of the most common knee injuries suffered by dancers.
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