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Dance Fashion Attire - Dance Shoes and Dance Clothes - About.com
Learn all about dance shoes and dance clothes made for various dance styles.
Before You Buy Dance Clothes - About.com
If you have shopped for dance gear or dance clothing lately, you have seen the great variety of dancewear and dance shoes available for all kinds of dance.
Contra Dance Clothing -Clothing for Contra Dance - About.com
Tips and hints about choosing clothing for a contra dance event.
Dance Shoes - All About Dance Shoes - About.com
Learn all about various dance shoes. ... in several different styles. If you are looking to buy a pair of jazz shoes, read this guide before you start shopping. Share ...
What Is Considered Basic Jazz Dancewear? - About.com
I am starting a jazz class and am not sure about dancewear. Is it okay to wear ballet clothes, like tights and leotards, to a jazz dance class? Or do I need to wear  ...
Tights and Leotards to Wear to Ballet Class - Dance - About.com
Part of dancing your best is knowing that you look your very best. What should you wear to ballet class?
Leotard - Dance Gear - About.com
A zipper leotard contains a working zipper. The zipper is often located in the front near the neckline or in the back. While most leotard zippers are used mainly for ...
Pole Dancing Clothes - Best Pole Dancing Attire - Dance - About.com
I'm attending my first pole dancing class and I'm a little nervous about what I should wear. What clothes should I wear to a pole dancing class?
Contra Dance - What Is Contra Dance - About.com
Street shoes and high heels are discouraged, as these can cause damage to some dance floors. Most contra dancers wear sneakers or dance shoes, and some ...
Buying Your First Pair of Tap Shoes - Dance - About.com
One of the most important skills a tap dancer needs to learn is how to choose the right pair of tap shoes, since there are many different styles available.
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