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Introduction to Jazz Dance - Basic Techniques - About Dance
In a jazz class, dancers are encouraged to add their own personality to make each step unique and fun. Jazz steps include basic turns including chaines, piques ...
What Is Considered Basic Jazz Dancewear? - About Dance
I am starting a jazz class and am not sure about dancewear. Is it okay to wear ballet clothes, like tights and leotards, to a jazz dance class? Or do I need to wear  ...
Complete Jazz Warm-Up Routine - About Dance
An illustrated, step-by-step jazz dance warm-up. ... Before a dance class or home practice session, be sure to perform a proper warm-up routine. Warm-up exercises help to raise body ... to About.com, Inc. Learn the 5 Basic Positions of Ballet.
Jazz Shoes - Jazz Dance in Bare Feet - About Dance
If you are beginning a jazz class, you will probably want to wear something on your feet for protection. Although many jazz dancers prefer to dance in bare feet,  ...
Dance for Beginners - Overview - About Dance
Besides basic dance skills, a dance class can teach a child respect, concentration and confidence. Learn how to introduce your child to the wonderful world of ...
Learn How to Tap Dance - About Dance
... and upper bodies to blend movements of ballet or jazz into their tap routines. ... Typical tap classes last about an hour, beginning with a warm-up to stretch the ... Dancers practice a series of basic steps, adding more difficult combinations ...
Dance Lessons in LA - Where to Take Dance Classes in Los Angeles
Maybe you're a beginner, but you were so inspired by So You Think You Can ... Its classes include salsa, ballet, jazz, modern dance, hip-hop, swing dancing, ...
Cost of Dance Classes - Dancing Q&A - About Dance
Your daughter wants to take dance classes. ... She will be required to take classes five or six days per week, sometimes more ... A Beginner's Guide to Ballet .
How to Start Your Child in Dance Lessons - About Dance
Some people believe that a child should be enrolled in dance classes as soon as possible, sometimes as early as the second birthday. ... devoting half of the class time to ballet, the other half to either tap or jazz. ... A Beginner's Guide to Ball...
Become a Dancer - How to Become a Dancer - About Dance
Read beginner questions and answers, learn about dance equipment, and learn all about different dance styles including ballet, tap, jazz and more. ... If you are enrolled in your very first dance class, make a point to tour the dance studio .....
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